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     “This beautiful old home occupies a prominent niche in the jigsaw puzzle of antebellum Natchez architecture. Better than any other in town, The Towers typifies the warmth and deep charm of Adriatic Italy. The Renaissance itself somehow loiters for a moment in the deep shadows of the triple-arched entrance while time seems to walk with guarded footsteps across a yard of giant azaleas.”

       -The Majesty of Natchez
         by Reid Smith and John Owens, 1969


The Towers of Natchez 


     The Italianate façade was added to The Towers just before the Civil War.  The architect was J. Edwards Smith who designed it for W.C. Chamberlain, a northerner who wanted a southern home.  The house was purchased in 1861 by Mr. and Mrs. John Fleming whose family owned The Towers for many years.  The Towers was behind the fortification lines of the union army and was occupied by officers for several years while soldiers camped on the grounds around the house.


     Originally there were two third-story rooms at either end of the house that gave The Towers its name.  The left one burned down in 1927, and the right one was removed.

     Today, The Towers has just undergone a complete renovation with magnificent wall coverings and draperies, antique lace sheers, extensive plaster moldings and wainscoting, Aubusson carpets and high rococo antiques.  This includes furniture by John Henry Belter, J.J. Meeks, Alexander Roux and Prudent Mallard.

     The house incorporates extensive and unique collections such as 350 antique beaded purses, 100 antique tiaras and crowns, antique lace, gentlemen’s mother of pearl and ivory watch fobs, chatelaines, Moser glass, vintage costume jewelry and many others.  There is also a collection of props from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 2004 movie- Phantom of the Opera- including the Phantom’s mask, gloves, cape and sword.

     The almost five acres of gardens feature 24 bronze sculptures representing some of the finest artists of wildlife in the world including Star Liana York, Ken Rowe and Chris Navarro.  The five bears in the front lawns are by Danny Ostermiller.